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Dr. Harshad C Bhatt   Listing Updated on: 02-05-2016
Name : Dr. Harshad C Bhatt
Age Group : 60-70
Occupation Status : Self-Employed
Current Location
New York, United States
Contact Details
Email : harshadbhatt@me.om
Name of School City / Town Country Year of
joining school
Year of
leaving school
New Era High School (Makarpura) Baroda India 1958 1962
College / University / Institution City / Town Country Course / Faculty / Department Year
of passing
Name of Degree Or
Diploma Or Cert
MS University of Baroda Baroda India Science 1963 B.Sc
MS University of Baroda Baroda India Baroda Medical College 1968 MBBS
Glasgow University Scotland United Kingdom 1977 FRCS
New York University New York USA 1984 FACS
Yahan Hai Hum: Message For Friends, Relatives, Classmates & Colleagues All Over The World
I studied in New Era High School (Makarpura, 1958-62), Baroda Medical College (MBBS 1968), Glasgow University (UK, FRCS, 1977) and New York University (USA, 1984, FACS). I am now an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in New York. I invite all my friends from Baroda to mail me.