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Mr. Nevil  Rana   Listing Updated on: 01-11-2017
Name : Mr. Nevil  Rana
Age Group : 20-30
Occupation Status : Employed
Current Location
NewYork, United States
Contact Details
Email : nevil_pharma@yahoo.com
Name of School City / Town Country Year of
joining school
Year of
leaving school
Sardar Vinay Mandir Vadodara 2005 2007
College / University / Institution City / Town Country Course / Faculty / Department Year
of passing
Name of Degree Or
Diploma Or Cert
Sigma Institute of Pharmacy Vadodara 2011
Yahan Hai Hum: Message For Friends, Relatives, Classmates & Colleagues All Over The World
I studied in Sardar Vinay Mandir (2005-07) and passed out from Sigma Institute of Pharmacy in 2011. I am looking to re-connect with my friends (lost connection in last decade). I am currently working in USA.